Abadis Tavern is a bar[1] in the slums of Nessa.[2] It is run by Tabitha[3] and serves as the base of operations for The Sand Spiders.[4] The Spiders bribe the tavern's landlord to keep him quiet about the illegal activities based out of the tavern.[5]


The Mark

Because a parade draws away most of the local clientele, Rook and Beck are alone when they establish her cover story for the heist at Alona Vennik's party that night. They meet in the tavern again after the job is successful.[6]

Song of the Eastern Sands

Theo and Tabitha await the Sand Spiders, who are running late.[7] After the Spiders return,[8] assess their haul[9] and celebrate, Theo tells the Spiders of another job he has lined up.[10]

After the embassy heist, the Spiders and Tabitha discuss the implications of the way their latest job went, and what their new job for Ambassador Rowan means for them.[11] Tabitha forbids Asha[12] from going with Beck and Rook[13] to find Janik.[14]