Gender: Male
Appearances:The Adventures of Cain and Yurk,

Song of the Eastern Sands (Cameo)

Cain is a Canid currently living in Nessa.


Despite his thrill-seeking nature,[1] Cain is mildly afraid of heights.[2] He is not above stealing.[3]



Yurk is Cain's best friend.[4]


Cain is skilled enough at parkour to scale a multi-story crumbling building.[5]


Yurk leads Cain along as he scales a crumbling building, claiming that the city looks like a smiling Ermehn from high up.[6] Visibly out of breath, Cain expresses concern at how high up they are.[7] When they reach the top, Cain says that he cannot see the view and tells Yurk he must have been drunk when he saw the Ermehn. Cain then asks for his lunch. Opening his bag, Yurk realizes he does not have it.[8] Cain asks Yurk where his lunch is, to which Yurk replies the giant Ermehn must have eaten it.[9]



  • Cain and Yurk sprang out of a piece of concept art drawn for Song of the Eastern Sands that had a Canid and an Ermehn as close friends. Jerome Jacinto found them so intriguing to draw that they kept hovering on the sides of the conceptualization for Song of the Eastern Sands until they developed a life of their own. Jerome decided he wanted to do a short story featuring them, so he and Alex wrote one together.[10]


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