Posts that allow for a hiatus or break between chapters. All but one are canon thus far.

The first block of intermissions were in the form of short world-building updates that were posted between Beyond the Western Deep Chapter One and Chapter Two from June 8, 2013 to June 22, 2013. They featured concept art by Rachel Bennett, with commentary by Alex Kain elaborating on the particular concept.

The second was a two-week block of worldbuilding posts made about a third of the way through Chapter Two so Rachel could focus on edits for the first edition of Volume One.

Then, between Beyond the Western Deep Chapter Two and Song of the Eastern Sands, a short buffer comic was launched to ease the transition.

During Song of the Eastern Sands, Alex Kain wrote short stories focusing on particular characters accompanied by one illustration by Jerome Jacinto to allow Jerome to build a page buffer.[1]

Most recently, for Thanksgiving 2016, Alex Kain posted an interactive Choose Your Own Adventure story based on Fall of the Evyn-din. Unlike the other intermissions, it is explicitly not canon.[2]


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