Deltrada Garrison is a Canid fortress under the control of General Clovis. Because it lies nestled[1] in the most well-traveled path to the Wastes,[2] Deltrada is the best-defended garrison in the Wastes[3]
Deltrada South Wall
and is the most likely target for an Ermehn attack.[4]


Deltrada Garrison has training grounds for its warriors- including, an archery range[5] and a training ground with Ermehn-shaped dummies for swordplay.[6]

Deltrada also runs a forge manned by a highly-skilled blacksmith.[7]

The garrison is equipped with an aviary[8] for messenger birds.[9]

In the keep, Deltrada also has torture chambers[10] and at least three dungeon cells.[11]


Deltrada has a more erratic guard rotation on the western ridge. The north eastern corner is more exposed, but not as heavily guarded.[12]


A few years ago, Deltrada Garrison was attacked by the Evyn-din in retaliation for the death of one of their own. The attack was unsuccessful and resulted in the destruction of the Evyn-din and severe repercussions for the other Ermehn tribes. The attack ultimately accomplished nothing beyond escalating an already tense situation.[13]

A Sunsgrovian envoy consisting of Captain Kenosh, Captain Quinlan and a courier arrived at Deltrada[14] aiming to get both Canid and Ermehn sides to stand down from the building tension.[15] As of the envoy's arrival at Deltrada,[16] Clovis had been in Deltrada since the last full moon.[17]

The garrison was attacked by an Ermehn tribe aiming to assassinate General Clovis.[18] They were successful[19] The garrison has written[20] and sent out a message about the attack.[21]


  • The border guard and Deltrada are inspired by the Roman occupation of Britannia and the outposts to separate “civilization” from the “barbarian”- ie, Hadrian’s Wall.[22]
  • Originally, Deltrada was conceived with wooden walls. But the reader discussion influenced the writers to change it to stone.[23]