Dunia refers to the world of Beyond the Western Deep. Little is known of Dunia outside the continent known as the Four Kingdoms.[1]

In the world of Dunia, mammals are sentient while birds and fish[2] and invertebrae are not,[3] and stay in their normal place in the food chain.[4]. All three are considered animals by the mammals.[5] The Canid use birds to relay messages over long distances. [6] Despite this, there may be other sentient non-mammals out there.[7] However, there are no humans in Dunia.[8]

Because the sentient animals in Dunia do not consider themselves beasts, they do not refer to themselves as such[9] unless there is an intended insult. Instead, they refer to themselves as 'people' in their own language.[10]

There are no "animal" mammals. All scavenger and are vermin roles filled by nonvertebrates, and there are no large beasts of burden.[11] This eliminates the possibility of mammalian pets or livestock outside of slavery.[12]

In Dunia, there is not a defined line between child and adult. Children are treated as adults as soon as they are capable of wielding a sword or attending to other physical chores.[13]

There is some trade between the Four Kingdoms and the continent to the east. In Nessa, scarves from across the eastern sea can be acquired in its marketplaces.[14] While the Four Kingdoms is peopled with only seven races, the world outside has a wider selection.[15] Some of these other races may be seen in Gair, which is a large, easily accessible port city.[16]

The Polcan have been displaced from an unknown continent across the sea, which has the materials to make bronze. [17]


  • The word "Dunia" has roots in over a dozen Middle Eastern languages as meaning “the world”, encompassing both the physical concept and the plights of those who live on it.[18]