Gender: Male
Family: Bevan (Nephew)[1]
Allegiance: Evyn-din
Occupation: Warrior
Rank: Tribe Champion
Appearances:Fall of the Evyn-din


Upon the death of Kraith, Evyn chose to forgo stealth in favor of a far more dangerous direct assault. He believed that the gods would favor him in a battle motivated by righteous vengeance.[2]



As the Champion's nephew, Bevan is expected to support and aid his uncle in his endeavors. Bevan is loyal to his uncle, but chose to leave because he recognizes that to follow his uncle's plan will only get him killed. Bevan kept his tattoos despite the social disadvantages to associating himself with his uncle's tribe, saying that if he must leave his uncle on the eve of battle, he will bear his uncle's marks to the grave.[3]


Kraith's death enraged Evyn, and he called for a full retaliation against the Canid.[4]


The Evyn-din believed their leader could do no wrong and fully supported his plan to attack Deltrada Garrison.[5]


Evyn was the best warrior in his large and powerful tribe.[6]



About a couple decades ago, Evyn saved a small tribe from starvation in the Northern Rim. Out of gratitude, the Havran-din allowed itself to be absorbed into the Evyn-din.[7]

Fall of the Evyn-din

When he learns of Kraith's death, Evyn decides to retaliate against the Canid. Calling for aid from other tribes, Evyn plans a direct attack on Deltrada Garrison, citing Oran as an inspiration. When Bevan points out that a direct attack ended in disaster for Oran and tells his uncle he isn't thinking this plan through, Oran accuses Bevan of going soft and claims the Ermehn fight for what is theirs. Bevan tells his uncle he is throwing his life away, but Evyn returns that they have numbers and the gods on their side. He continues planning as Bevan leaves the tent.[8]