The Evyn-din was a large and powerful tribe that attacked Deltrada Garrison to avenge the death of one of their own, destroying themselves in the process and escalating Canid oppression of the Ermehn. There is only one known survivor.[1]



The Evyn-din's leader saved another, smaller tribe from starvation. Out of gratitude, the Havran-din allowed themselves to be absorbed into Evyn's tribe.[2]

Fall of the Evyn-din

After one of their scouts was killed by Canid patrols, Evyn called for a direct assault on Deltrada to avenge him. Although he called for aid from neighboring tribe, the attack failed and caused Canid to inflict heavy repurcussions upon the other Ermehn tribes.[3]

Any who bear the distinctive facial marks of the Evyn-din are now associated with folly, and blamed for setting the race back a hundred years.[4]


The Evyn-din were one of the larger, more powerful tribes.[5]



  • While the facial marks of the Evyn-din are very distinct, the rest of their tattoos are the more traditional charm tattoos of the southern tribes.[6]