This article's name is non-canon, and will be replaced with the canon name when one is revealed.

This was an Ermehn Tribe that hailed from the Northern Wastes. They were assimilated into the Sratha-din to provide the Sratha-din with expendable warriors.[1]


Beyond the Western Deep: Chapter One

The tribe was watched for days by the Sratha-din[2] Hardin publicly dueled their champion[3] and kiled him, claiming the tribe as his own.[4] Recovering first, Feyn challenges Hardin on his claim to the tribe,[5] but is swayed into silence by Hardin's speech.[6] A few members of the Sratha-din come forward to prepare them for war.[7] A mourner kneels over the fallen champion while Hardin and Ashtor talk by the tribe's fire.[8]

Beyond the Western Deep: Chapter Two

Hardin Consults

The tribe prepares for war while Hardin, Ashtor, and Bevan plan the attack on Deltrada Garrison.[9]

The Eve of the Attack

The tribe lies in wait inside an overhang as they watch Deltrada Garrison.[10]

Attack on Deltrada

The Ermehn sneak into Deltrada and reach the keep before the alarm is sounded.[11] Fighting is thickest in the bailey,[12] and the Ermehn are overwhelmed by Canid forces.[13]

It seems that none of the original members of Feyn's tribe escaped with the Sratha-din.[14]


The tribe numbers more than the thirteen adults seen watching the fight between Hardin and the champion.[15]



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