Gender: Male
Origin: The Northern Rim
Allegiance: The Evyn-din
Occupation: Hunter, scout
Weaponry: A bladed weapon
Appearances:Fall of the Evyn-din


Kraith is more impulsive than Bevan. It was his idea to hunt grouse to the south despite the increased risk of encountering a Canid patrol.[1]

When cornered by Canid patrols, he shakes in fear until he realizes the Canid intend to torture them to find their tribe and destroy it. He preferred to die rather than sell his people out to the Canid.[2]



Kraith and Bevan had known each other since they were very young, and were close friends until Kraith's death. At some point, Kraith gave Bevan his trademark hood. Kraith's death greatly affected Bevan.[3]


Evyn was enraged at Kraith's death and called for revenge on the Canid by directly attacking Deltrada Garrison.[4]


The entire Evyn-din were outraged at Kraith's death and called for revenge, eradicating themselves in the attempt.[5]


Kraith is a skilled hunter and scout and often went to the most dangerous parts of the Wastes.[6]



Kraith used to live at the Northern Rim. Kraith's tribe merged with the Evyn-din when he was very young, and he grew up with Bevan. The pair were like brothers, growing inseperable and always going on hunting and scouting trips together in the most dangerous parts of the Northern Wastes. At one point, he gave Bevan a hood to use as camouflage in the tall shrubs of the southern regions of the Wastes.[7]

It was his idea to hunt grouse further south, despite the increased risk. He laughed off the danger, as they had never gotten caught before.[8]

Fall of the Evyn-din

Bevan and Kraith are cornered by three Canid. When Kraith realizes the Canid intend to torture them for information on the location of their tribe, he decides it would be better to die than get taken alive and rushes the Canid soldiers. He is shot and killed instantly, but Bevan uses the distraction to kill one soldier and gain some distance.[9]

Unable to bring Kraith's body back to the tribe, Bevan buries him by a river. He marks Kraith's grave with a cairn, knowing that as long as the Canid rule he won't be able to visit his friend's grave.[10]




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