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Lady Canid
Lady Canid Portrait
Gender: Female
Occupation: Canid soldier
Weaponry: Sword[1]
Appearances:Beyond the Western Deep

Lady Canid is a female Canid soldier stationed at Deltrada Garrison.[2]


Lady Canid is farily gruff and straightforward. She has little patience for Dakkan's fear of blood.[3]





Beyond the Western Deep: Chapter Two


Coming up to check on the aviary,[4] she sees that Dakkan has everything in control on his end and that one soldier is about to get the drop on Quinlan.[5] She saves Quinlan from the Ermehn, and asks him if he’s alright.[6]

Finding Kenosh

When Dakkan sways, she catches him and asks what’s wrong with him.[7] After Quinlan tells her that Dakkan is afraid of blood, she says Dakkan picked a fine time to be squeamish. Starting to leave, she tells Dakkan to stay out of the fighting and he should be safe, but he asks her if she knows where Kenosh is. She tells Dakkan he went to help Clovis regroup at the front gate.[8] Dakkan thanks her, and Quinlan asks if they can follow her there. She tells them she’s not going down yet- she has to check the aviary next.[9]


She sees the General lying on a ground and runs toward him, calling for the gate to be closed.[10] Lady Canid leads a squad of Canid over to the General and directs some out the gate before kneeling to check on Clovis.[11]