Lutra is the Lutren capital of Sunsgrove. It was founded in 1E:432.[1]


Landwise, Lutra is the smallest capital, but most Lutren as just as comfortable living on the water. Many live without permanent dwellings in houseboats and barges.[2]


The capital lies on the ocean shoreline.[3] The western shores of Lutra are dangerous, but less so than the Western Deep.[4]

There are farmlands just outside the capital. To the east of these farmlands lies Lake Verodun.[5] On its eastern side, the South Verodun River runs somewhat close to Lutra.[6]

Along the shoreline, there are many rock pillar carvings that retain most of their natural shape but have been given stylized Lutren faces, limbs and tribal designs. These carvings extend a ways into the forest, only they are carved like Tamian there. The distant Tamian capital can be seen from the Lutren shores.[7]


The Lutren shores have four regions- the ocean itself, the rocky beaches, the coconut palm forests, and the Tamian forests. The coconut palms are shaped like cyprus trees.[8]


Winters in Lutra can cause still bodies of water to ice over about five inches thick.[9][10]


Due to the close relationship between the Tamian and the Lutren, Tamian are commonly seen in Lutra.[11]


Lutren use pearl flakes as currency.[12]


Unlike Gair, Lutra does not have ocean trade routes, because the Western Seas are too dangerous to sail. Consequently, what lies on the other side of the sea is a mystery.[13]



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