This article's name is non-canon, and will be replaced with the canon name when one is revealed.

Gender: Male
Occupation: Merchant
Appearances:The Mark

The merchant is high enough on the social scale to attend a masquerade ball thrown by a member of the Vulpin Council.[1]


He dislikes anything rural, preferring the urban landscape.[2]


At some point, the merchant moved to the city to get away from the countryside.[3]

The Mark

The merchant attended a masquerade party thrown by Alona Vennik. While he was there, he was accosted by Beck, who intended to keep him at the party long enough to let Rook break into the merchant's basement vault. Even though Beck fumbled her lines and cover story, the merchant was so distracted by her teeth that he missed everything she said. Rook's break in attempt was successful, and he cleaned out the merchant's vault while he was at the party.[4]



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