Mitra Portrait
Gender: Female[2]
Origin: Navran[3]
Occupation: Tutor[4]
Appearances:Beyond the Western Deep

Mitra is a Vulpin politican who mentrs Janik.[6]


Although Mitra lives in Terria, she wears Nessian dress to preserve her Vulpin heritage.[7]



It is her duty to ensure Janik is prepared for her upcoming ambassadorial duties. She lives in Sunsgrove.[8]


Mitra displays intimate knowledge of Lutren, Tamian, and Vulpin cultures,[9] as well as the complexities of Vulpin politics[10] and history. She is also able to raw parallels between the past and the current state of politics in various countries.[11] S



Mitra used to live in Navran, but left because of the complicated state of Vulpin politics.[12] She has served Janik’s family for years as an assistant and educator related to Tamian, Lutren, and Vulpin civilizations.[13]

Beyond the Western Deep: Chapter Three

Mitra listens as Janik tries to list[14]the members of the Vulpin Council.[15] Janik gets hung up near the end of the list, and Mitra notes this is where Janik always gets hung up. Janik insists that she’s got the name, but fails to recall it.[16] Mitra prompts Janik by asking her where the member's family holds the most power. Using a mnemonic device, Janik recalls the name.[17]

Mitra compliments Janik, and Janik asks her Mitra long it took her to memorize the Council's names. Mitra tells Janik that what the Council controls is more important than their names, and that the Council’s decisions are influenced by how it affects their power over Navran. Janik asks why they don’t take the people's needs into account, and Mitra tells Janik that one can’t help anyone if they don’t have power. She emphasizes that as a representative of Sunsgrove in particular, Janik needs to remember that.[18] Janik says she thinks she understands, and Mitra says that she left Navran because Sunsgrovian politics are easy to understand. Janik replies that since Sunsgrove is large and a unity it needs to be simple. However, Mitra tells Janik that simplicity is dangerous, and asks her if she knows why Navran's monarchy failed.[19] Janik replies that it was too much power in one place, and recounts the events of The Night of Knives. Mitra compliments Janik on her good memory, noting this is a good quality for a future politician. Janik says she has a good teacher.[20]