"... is big and wide and flat and hot." - Alex Kain[1]

Nessa is the capital of Navran, the Vulpin kingdom.[2] It was founded in 1E:275.[3]


Nessa is the only reliable source of water in the Desert of Zin and, consequently, Navran.[4]

While Nessa is about the same size as Terria, Terria is not as sprawled out as Nessa.[5] Nessa's buildings aren't nearly as tall as some of the buildings in Gair, but they go up several stories.[6]

The city center is home to parades that draw out the lower class.[7]


Nessa is in a desert biome[8] and it is very hot.[9]

Notable Places


Unlike most other cities, Nessa has citizens from all over the Four Kingdoms. This puts the urban Vulpin at odds with the Vulpin who live in the desert outside the city, because the rural Vulpin feel as if the outsiders have too much influence. There is also conflict in that scholars are constantly at odds with the traditionalists.[10] However, the racial tension between the Canid and the Ermehn is greatly lessened, if present at all.[11]

Lutren living in the area have a hard time coming by complete sets of sharkskin lamellar armor because of the distance from the coast.[12]


One’s standing in the Vulpin hierarchy is measured by the power one has- whether it be wealth, influence, or land or some combination of all three. The Vulpin political landscape is messy, and rife with harsh debates, bribery, and death. [13]

There is a Sunsgrovian Embassy in Nessa. It has a treasure room filled with gold, pearl flakes, and amber.[14] The treasury room is where travelers on official business exchange currency and where trade deals are made. [15]

Law Enforcement and Crime

In Nessa, like in other parts of the Four Kingdoms, harsh punishments are used to prevent crime.[16] Thievery is punished by the loss of one's hands. Murder is punished by the loss of one's head.[17]

Nessa has an active criminal underworld,[18] which includes the thieving Sand Spiders.[19]


Merchants from all over the Four Kingdoms hock their wares in Nessa. Fine scarves from other continents can be purchased in Nessa's marketplaces.[20]


  • Time is determined by the tolling of a bell every hour, and referred to as 'toll'.[21]