Rachel Bennett is the artist of Beyond the Western Deep.

She stated that she has been drawing "since she could pick up a crayon."[1]

Dakkan was her creation, and was originally unrelated to Beyond the Western Deep. However, when Rachel joined the creative team, Dakkan was integrated into the story.[2]

In 2009, she graduated from Bringham Young Univeristy with a BFA in animation. She works as a freelance artist- working primarily with Flash illustrations. [3]

When she creates background or tertiary characters that will appear more than once (even if it's only in two pages[4]) she will assign them vague personalities and backstories, which makes it easier for her to design their outfits, choose poses and keep them consistent across pages.[5]

Rachel began planning the pages with pencil thumbnails and drafts, but found an entirely digital process was the fastest, most efficient way for her to work. She works almost entirely in photoshop.[6]

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