Rhosyn Portrait
Pronunciation: row-SIHN[1]
Gender: Female
Origin: The Northern Wastes
Allegiance: The Sratha-din
Weaponry: Crossbow
Appearances:Beyond the Western Deep




Rhosyn’s crossbow, and her expertise with it, is a rarity among the Ermehn.[2] She is capable of hitting a bullseye at ten paces.[3] Rhosyn was her tribe’s finest shot before she joined the Sratha-din.[4]


Chapter One

Rhosyn watches with the other Sratha-din as Hardin publicly duels the champion of Feyn's tribe.[5] She watches Hardin kill the champion,[6] then listens to Hardin's speech to the tribe.[7] She comes forward when Hardin summons her, Bevan and Rathik[8] to prepare the tribe for war.[9]

Chapter Two

Hardin Consults

Rhosyn watches Bevan throw his knives with Eira, who compliments him on his skills, while Rhosyn is more dismissive of Bevan’s cockiness.[10] When Eira calls him the best shot in the Sratha-Din, she expresses displeasure. Eira revises her opinion to placate Rhosyn, and Bevan offers to settle it with the best of five shots.[11] Rhosyn takes him up on the offer,[12] but they are interrupted by Rathik, who tells Bevan that Hardin wants to see him.[13]

Bevan leaves, and Rathik offers Rhosyn and Eira combat tips from a real warrior. Rhosyn tells Rathik that they’ll manage and shoots a bullseye from ten paces.[14] Rhosyn shares a smug look with Eira as Rathik leaves.[15]

General Clovis

Rhosyn builds a fire to draw the attention of Canid patrols.[16]

The Eve of the Attack

Rhosyn’s diversion causes three patrols to head away from Deltrada Garrison to the northeast.[17]


Rhosyn arrives at the front gate immediately after Clovis’ death and kills one of the guards who had been restraining Hardin.[18] She sees Quinlan step forward, reaching for his bow, and shoots him in the left shoulder.[19] Enraged, Dakkan attacks her. Bevan tries to calm Dakkan down, but Dakkan strikes him down with the staff[20] and continues toward Rhosyn before Rathik stops him.[21] Rhosyn goes out the front gate with Hardin and the other core Sratha-din.[22]