Rowan Portrait
Gender: Male
Origin: Terria
Family: Janik (Daughter)
Allegiance: Terria
Occupation: Diplomat
Rank: Ambassador
Appearances:Song of the Eastern Sands (speaking)

Beyond the Western Deep: Chapter One (mentioned)

Rowan is a Tamian diplomat to the Vulpin nation.[1] He serves as a senior advisor to the Vulpin Council to promote Tamian interests in the area, for the benefit of politics back home and for the ex-Terrians residing in Nessa.[2]


Rowan is horrified by the violence of the assassinations, and was stunned[3] until Beck snapped her fingers in his face and got her attention.[4]



Rowan is extremely concerned with his daughter's safety,[5] and is willing to pay "anything" for her safety.[6]


Song of the Eastern Sands

Ambassador Rowan is present when the Canid Assassins attack the Sunsgrovian Embassy. Going to the side of a fallen Lutren ambassador, he asks the Canid why they are attacking, but gets no answer.[7] He is saved from death by Beck[8] and watches the Sand Spiders stop the attack.[9] He stays in the courtyard with Beck and Rook as Asha gives chase to the escaping assassin,[10] traumatized by the experience.[11] Beck snaps her fingers in front of his face to get his attention, and he immediately asks Beck to find his daughter, Janik, who is en route from Terria.[12] Beck expresses reluctance, but Rowan insists she could be in danger. Horrified at the recent events, he says the Canid have lost their minds. Rook tries to calm him down, but Rowan offers to pay anything for the Spiders to find his daughter.[13] Beck listens to his offer, and accepts it. Rowan gives them a substantial down payment.[14]