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Sister Bandit Portrait
Gender: Female
Family: Brother Bandit
Allegiance: Felis Bandit
Occupation: Bandit
Weaponry: Daggers[1] and sword[2]
Appearances:Beyond the Western Deep



Brother Bandit

Felis Bandit



Beyond the Western Deep: Chapter Two

The Road to Deltrada

The bandits sneak into the campsite while Quinlan and Dakkan are talking.[3] She blocks Dakkan’s attack[4] but he knocks her backwards before he is disarmed.[5] After Quinlan and Dakkan are neutralized, [6] the Felis bandit sends her to wake Kenosh. When she gets to his pallet, she finds he isn’t in it.[7]


She wears red chest wrappings and a traditional Ermehn kilt[8] with a Felis sash over it.[9] On the sash hangs three daggers,[10] and she carries a cutlass-style sword on her back. She wears Felis wristbands[11] and a bone or shell fragment necklace identical to her brother's.[12]


Beyond the Western Deep: Chapter Two, Pages 6-9

Image Gallery


  • The matching necklaces are the visual representation of the fact that Rachel Bennett pegged the two Ermehn bandits as brother and sister.[13]


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