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Merchant Portrait
Gender: Male
Occupation: Amber Merchant, Jeweler
Appearances:Song of the Eastern Sands

The Tamian merchant is a jeweler who sells his wares[1] in Nessa.[2]


The merchant is a skilled speaker, as he was able to quickly regain control of the situation when Beck questioned the quality of his wares.[3]


The merchant is selling his wares in when a young Lutren questions their quality. The merchant quickly counters by explaining how amber is harvested, then crafted into jewelry.[4] Sold, the Lutren asks the merchant for a price, to which he offers a discounted price of three hundred silvers.[5] The merchant offers to retrieve a smaller necklace from his tent, but the Lutren panics and offers to buy all his wares.[6] The Lutren haggles with the merchant,[7] talking the price up in the process. Going back to fetch his abacus,[8] the merchant sees that his chest has been stolen. The roar of the crowd alerts him to the fact that the Lutren has fled,[9] taking the amber necklace with her. Realizing he's been duped, the merchant shouts 'Thief', but is unable to stop the thieves.[10]


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