Tesque Portrait
Gender: Male
Rank: Deity
Weaponry: Bare hands
Appearances:Intermission: Week 3

Tesque is a Tamian god-king who is the crux of their creation myth.[1]


Tesque is extremely boastful and arrogant. He taunts his foes when they are incapable of reaching him. Tesque is also tenacious and determined.[2]



Tesque did not have a good relationship with the other gods in the pantheon, and they threw him from the heavens, attempting to kill him everytime they saw he had conquered their obstacles.[3]


The Tamian revere Tesque as the founder of their civilization, and still preach sermons about his exploits. They also consider the Western Deep, where he fell from heaven, to be holy ground.[4] To curse the trees of the Deep is to curse Tesque himself.[5]


Tesque is resourceful and determined, and has strength and agility far outstripping any mortal. This allows him to defeat Treewalkers in combat unarmed.[6]


Tamian legend claims that Tesque was one of many in a pantheon of immortals. Tesque was brash and boastful and the other gods decided to punish him for his arrogance and cast from the heavens. Tesque fell to the forest floor and landed in the heart of the Western Deep. Deciding they needed to punish Tesque more, the gods sent down the fearsome walkers, created to rule the forest floor and teach Tesque some humility. But Tesque took to the trees, learning to travel the world without ever setting foot on the ground.[7]

Still, Tesque was boastful and proud, and mocked the Walkers from the safety of the trees. When the gods saw this, they gave the Walkers the ability to climb and chase Tesque anywhere in the world- creating the Treewalkers that inhabit the darkest corners of the Western Deep to this day. Tesque fled until he could flee no more. Without any other options, he challenged a Treewalker with nothing but his empty hands. Using his natural agility and the environment around him, Tesque defeated his foes, forcing the Treewalkers to flee into the wilds, and Tesque established the Tamian civilization.[8]


To this day, the ground of the Western Deep where Tesque landed is considered sacred ground. The oak leaf has become a cultural symbol by which all Tamian can identify themselves. They still preach sermons about his exploits, which Tamian will gather to hear.[9]



  • Intermission: Week 3



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