The Adventures of Cain and Yurk is a four-page minicomic written by Alex Kain and Jerome Jacinto, who also did the illustrations. It ran weekly from September 26, 2015 - October 7, 2015.

Brief Summary

Cain and Yurk are climbing an old building, with Yurk claiming that the city looks like a smiling Ermehn when viewed from high up.[1] Yurk is excited, but Cain is visibly disturbed by the height they've scaled, and is out of breath.[2] Reaching the top, Yurk extracts his lunch from his bag and asks Cain if he sees the giant Ermehn. Unable to see the view, Cain asks Yurk if he had been drunk last time he were up here and requests his lunch. Yurk opens his bag, only to realize he doesn't have it.[3] Cain asks Yurk where his lunch is, to which Yurk replies that the giant Ermehn ate it.[4]


The Adventures of Cain and Yurk sprang out of a piece of concept art drawn for Song of the Eastern Sands that had a Canid and an Ermehn as close friends. Jerome found them so intriguing to draw that they kept hovering on the sides of the conceptualization for Song of the Eastern Sands until they developed a life and personality of their own. Jerome decided he wanted to do a short story featuring them, so he and Alex wrote one together.[5] The concept of Cain and Yurk scaling a tall building came from Jerome's love of parkour.[6]