The Ermehn War began in Year 120 of the Second Era.[1] It was some of the worst fighting ever seen in the Four Kingdoms.[2]


A few years after Sunsgrove was united,[3] the Canid sent an envoy to Sunsgrove. The envoy tried to find Terria first, but because of the fact that the Tamian were difficult to find and because of the dangers of the Western Deep, the envoy went to Lutra instead. The western beach, while not safe, was less dangerous than the Deep.[4]

Once they arrived at Lutra, the Canid envoy claimed the Ermehn had attacked them, and intended to invade Sunsgrove next. Sunsgrove believed the Canid[5] and helped them drive the Ermehn from Aisling.[6]

Captain Kenosh claims that the Canid lied to Sunsgrove to get them to fight the Ermehn, and that Sunsgrove didn’t realize the truth until it many innocent Ermehn were dead.[7]


After the war, the Ermehn were driven out of their homeland to eke out a living in the Northern Wastes.[8]

The Oran Uprising was a direct result of the war.[9]