The Mark is the first of the three hiatus stories written during Song of the Eastern Sands, and the first official prose entry in the canon. As with all other canon material, it was written by Alex Kain. It was published on March 19, 2016.[1]


The hiatus stories were announced on March 5, 2016. They were intended to allow Jerome Jacinto to build up a page buffer, and to touch on some fun new elements of the world of Dunia.[2]


Beck and Rook go over her cover story in preparation for the job they will pull that night. A wealthy member of the Vulpin Council is hosting a masquerade party where a certain Lutren merchant will be in attendance. Beck will pose as a baron's daughter and distract him, keeping him and his guards at the party long enough for Rook to break into his basement vault a street over. Asha and Theo are scouting new job opportunities and are unavailable for the job.[3]

Rook gives Beck many valuable pointers about her cover, and helps her practice her acting. After establishing her disguise, cover story, and her way of dealing with the merchant, Rook tells Beck she needs to work on toning down her terrifying smile, or not smile at all. As he leaves, Rook tells Beck she has something stuck in her teeth.[4]

After the job, they meet back together in the Abadis Tavern. Rook's side of the job went perfectly, but Beck spent the entire afternoon brushing her teeth because she is sensitive about them. She bungled all of Rook's instructions- but the merchant was so distracted by her teeth that he did not notice anything she said. Rook and Beck agree to split the loot when Asha and Theo return. As she leaves, Beck tells Rook he has something in his teeth. Rook checks the mirror, then hesitantly decides Beck is lying.[5]