"...have no time for the weak..." - Rachel Bennett[1]

The Northern Wastes are an alpine tundra[2] currently inhabited by the Ermehn.[3] The Wastelands are a savage place, and the inhabitants are forced to fight among themselves just to get the necessary resources to survive.[4]


The Canid lived here, until they started the war by invading Ermehn territory.[5] They were successful in supplanting the Ermehn culture, forcing them to flee north to the wastelands. [6] Canid Patrols still venture into the Wastes.[7]


There are evergreen forests on the border between Aisling and the Northern Wastes,[8] and some birch forests on the southern side. There's at least one marsh.[9]


The Wastes are an alpine tundra, meaning hard winters.[10] Bad frosts are capable of bringing nearby tribes to the brink of starvation.[11]


The Ermehn are the dominant species in the Wastes. Grouse live on the south side of the Wastes, close to the Aisling border, and pike live in the rivers.[12]