The Sand Spiders[1] are a group of thieves that operate in Nessa out of the Abadis Tavern.[2] They are currently being targeted by the Canid for their association with Ambassador Rowan.[3]



Their regular informant is anonymous,[4] and set them up to take the fall for the assassination attempt on the Sunsgrovian Diplomats.[5]

The Sand Spiders must bribe the landlord of the Abadis Tavern to keep him quiet about the illegal activities, and they have emergency savings specifically to use as a bribe in case one of them is caught.[6]

Known Jobs

  • Lutren Merchant- waylaid at Alona Vennik's masquerade party while his personal vault was cracked.[7]
  • Tamian Merchant- distracted at the marketplace while Asha snuck into his tent and cracked it.[8]
  • Sunsgrovian Embassy[9]- stealth heist while most of the guards are distracted.[10] If the heist is successful, then the access to the variety of currency will grant the Sand Spiders more financial freedom.[11]
  • Janik- During the embassy heist, the job was interrupted by Canid assassins,[12] whom the Spiders stopped.[13][14] Realizing his daughter was also a mark, one of the ambassadors hired the Sand Spiders to find her as she traveled from Terria to Nessa.[15][16] Asha is sitting this job out.[17]


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