"That treaty created these four kingdoms... it created civilization as we know it." -King Dabheid[1]

The Treaty of Cenolau was a treaty signed at Cenolau after the war by five of the seven races[2] seventy years before current events.[3] The treaty and its effect on the world is a much-debated social issue throughout the Four Kingdoms.[4]

One of the major events leading to the treaty was the Polcan invasion of what is currently Sunsgrove,[5] forcing the Tamian and the Lutren to put aside their differences.[6]


It established the existence of Aisling, Kishar, Navran and Sunsgrove.[7] and changed borders.[8] The treaty banished the Polcan and the Ermehn from the Four Kingdoms, driving the Ermehn into the Northern Wastes and the Polcan to piracy on the Western Sea of Sunsgrove.[9]

The treaty allied the kingdoms of Aisling and Sunsgrove. If one is attacked, the other must come to their aid.[10]

Canid patrols in Ermehn land are a violation of the Treaty of Cenolau,[11] but the Canid see the Treaty of Cenolau as more of a suggestion than anything else.[12]

After the treaty was signed, some of the borders were shifted to maintain trade routes or preserve farmland.[13]


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