The Western Deep is a massive, dangerous[1] forest in Sunsgrove.[2] The Western Deep is inhabited by both Tamian and Treewalkers. The Tamian frequently scout the forests to prevent the Treewalkers from getting to close to the capital.[3] Once one crosses the Sunsgrove-Navran border, the Western Deep becomes the Eastern Deep.[4]

Far in the Western Deep, [5] Quinlan has several hiding places,[6] which he uses when he feels overwhelmed with his responsibilities.[7] One of these hiding places is by a small brook.[8]


The Western Deep is considered holy ground by the Tamian because it is where their god Tesque fell from heaven.[9] The Tamian believe that should a Tamian climb to the tops of the trees, they would find a gateway to heaven,[10] and that dead loved ones watch them from the treetops.[11]To kill one of its giant trees is crime akin to killing a fellow Tamian,[12] and to curse the trees of the Deep is to curse Tesque himself.[13]