Theo Portrait
Gender: Male
Allegiance: The Sand Spiders
Occupation: Thief
Appearances:Song of the Eastern Sands

Theo is the older[1] Vulpin protagonist of Song of the Eastern Sands.[2] His criminal activities are based out of the Abadis Tavern.[3]


Theo is very fond of tea.[4] He is a very sarcastic person.[5]



Theo invests a significant amount of time in the young Ermehn- he took her with him when he scouted for future job opportunities[6] and he comforted her with the thought that he'd have plenty of work for her locally when her mother banned her from accompanying Rook and Beck northward.[7]


Theo is a professional thief and has a lot of experience.[8] He works as the fixer for the Sand Spiders.[9]


Theo has been involved in thievery for a long time.[10]

The Mark

Theo is not present for the heist, as he is scouting job opportunities with Asha.[11]

Song of the Eastern Sands

Theo waits at the Abadis Tavern with Tabitha for the return of his gang. Tabitha points out that they are late, to which Theo hmms.[12] Tabitha asks Theo if he's gotten her daughter in trouble. Theo claims innocence, and Tabitha begins to threaten him right as they return.[13] Theo informs them they are late, [14] When he hears Asha was slow because of the Felis lock on the chest, he comments that they need to purchase her a better set of picks. After Beck cracks the chest open, [15] he comments that they made a 'nice haul' and tells them all to sit and have a drink.[16] Theo proposes a toast to the Sand Spiders with the others[17]

After the toast, Theo says they have another job. Tabitha tells him to give the others a moment of celebration, but Theo says it can't wait.[18] He produces a floor plan of the Sunsgrovian Embassy and tells the Sand Spiders that they are going to hit the Embassy that night[19] for amber, gold, and pearl flakes. When Rook and Asha point out that Embassies are well guarded, Theo claims that tonight is an exception,[20] but doesn't know why. Rook asks him where he got this information, and Theo admits it's the same anonymous source as usual, prompting the Sand Spiders to look at him suspiciously.[21] Theo asks them for their thoughts, and gets cautious optimism from Asha, hesitation from Rook, and a reluctant admission that she wants the money from Beck,[22] the last of which prompts Theo to smile proudly.[23]

After the Spiders return from the Embassy, Theo congratulates them on a good haul.[24] Theo believes the assassins will be after them now, and guesses their anonymous source kept them in the dark about the assassination attempt so the Spiders would take the fall.[25] In response to her question, he tells Asha that all assassinations are political, and reminds Rook and Beck that Janik will be next if they don't hurry north. After Asha is banned from accompanying Rook and Beck by her mother [26] Theo comforts her by telling her he'll get her new, more advanced lockpicks and that she'll have plenty to do in Nessa. He tells Rook and Beck to be careful. Rook assures him[27] and Theo tells them the speed of their mission depends on them.[28]