Treewalkers are giant carnivorous centipedes that lurk in the Western Deep. Tamian scouts must constantly patrol the forest to prevent them getting too close to Terria.[1]

Relationship with Tamian

Treewalkers are a primary threat to the Tamian.[2] They are very dangerous, and every mortal Tamian who has attempted to fight a Treewalker bare handed has perished.[3] Consequently, Tamian weaponry has been designed to combat the Treewalkers.[4]

Creation Myth

The Tamian believe that the Treewalkers were created by the rest of the pantheon to punish the god Tesque, who had been cast out of heaven for his arrogance. At first, they were only called "Walkers" and ruled the forest floor, but Tesque learned to travel the world without ever setting foot on the forest floor. After the gods saw him mocking the Walkers, they gave the Walkers the ability to climb so that they could pursue Tesque wherever he went. Tesque fled the Treewalkers, but was forced to stand and fight and drove the Treewalkers into the wilds.[5]


Beyond the Western Deep: The Prologue, Page 12.


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