The Verodun is a south-running river that marks the border between Sunsgrove and Aisling. It feeds Lake Verodun and empties into the Western Sea.[1]


Lake Verodun

The course of the Verodun River

The North Verodun River marks the Aisling-Sunsgrove border. The North Verodun has many tributaries and creeks that mark slow points between larger stretches of water. Because of this, it is difficult to identify which marks the border. Experienced travelers know to use the thickness of the trees to tell when they've crossed the border.[2]

The North Verodun fills into Lake Verodun, which lies between Sunsgrove and Navran. At this point, the river becomes the South Verodun,[3] which runs somewhat close to Lutra on its eastern side.[4] The South Verodun empties into the Western Sea.[5]