War of the Western Deep is a planned prequel to Beyond the Western Deep.[1]


Originally, War of the Western Deep was planned to be released as a webcomic, but the decision was made to publish Beyond the Western Deep as a webcomic, the project fell by the wayside. However, a lot of work was done on it, and Alex Kain and Rachel Bennett both grew fond of the characters in it, so there is "little doubt" that work will resume on it someday.[2]


War of the Western Deep would have chronicled the formation of the alliance between the Lutren and the Tamian.[3] The two races were at odds until the arrival of the Polcan to The Four Kingdoms[4] and their subsequent attempt to conquer Sunsgrove. The Tamian and the Lutren are forced to put aside their differences to combat this threat to their homes. [5]



  • War of the Western Deep was the reason that the Lutren character designs underwent a redesign.[6]


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